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Onyx and Gray with a classic Herringbone pattern

Experience the benefits of an all-natural method to ease aches & pains and relieve tension in your body. Our ultra-soft flannel pillow is flexible to mold to the area you are using it on and can be used over and over again. Use it daily to keep you warm & cozy while you snuggle up on the couch, or de-stress at the end of your day with the perfect companion, The WARM ME.

"I put my WARM ME under the covers before I get in bed, then, I'll go brush my teeth and when I come back, the bed is warm & cozy. It's heavenly." 

-Richard, Tarzana, CA


Handmade in the USA   100% Cotton Flannel filled with whole corn   Measures 19" x 7"x 1”  

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