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The most exquisite color

Experience the benefits of an all-natural method to ease aches & pains and relieve tension in your body. Our luxe, ultra-soft velvet pillow is flexible to mold to the area you are using it on and can be used over and over again. Use it daily to keep you warm & cozy while you snuggle up on the couch, or de-stress at the end of your day with the perfect companion, The WARM ME.

"A must-have! The WARM ME! Muscle soreness/neck ache and lower back pain disappear fast with my WARM ME! The moist heat and weight of it around my neck is heaven! Even just putting it in my bed on a cold night, ahhhhh! I LOVE IT!   -Penny, Los Angeles, CA

 Handmade in the USA   100% Polyester Luxe Velvet filled with whole corn  Measures 19" x 7"x 1”

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