Tokens of Empowerment
Tokens of Empowerment
Tokens of Empowerment
Tokens of Empowerment
Tokens of Empowerment

Tokens of Empowerment

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Carry Courage Everywhere

Discover our "Tokens of Empowerment" collection designed to empower and inspire courage every day. Whether to be kept as a personal reminder or given as a heartfelt gift, these miniature tokens are a constant reminder of inner strength, handmade in the USA.

Inside the 4" buttery-soft suede pouch is a set of tokens—tiny treasures designed to uplift and encourage individuals in their daily lives.

  • Mirror: Look at how extraordinary and beautiful you are.
  • Peacock Feather: Embrace your confidence.
  • Microphone: Don’t hesitate to use your voice.
  • Lock: Feel secure in who you are.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Always stay true to yourself.
  • Ladder: Everything is within reach if you keep climbing.
  • Bottle of Glitter: Never let anyone dim your sparkle.
  • Double-Sided Card: Explains the significance of each token.
  • Safe & Secure Checkout Encryption
  • Great Gift For Any Occasion
  • Made With Heart & Soul in Los Angeles, CA

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  • Suede Pouch: 4”x4”x4”
  • Miniatures range in size: ½” - 2”



Tokens of Support is the best gift I've received and a daily reminder of encouragement Love them!

Tatiana S.
New York, NY

My husband asks me daily to put the heated Warm Me pillow on his lower back to alleviate his pain. We can't thank you enough

Linda and David
La Quinta, CA

As a soccer player, I use the warm me to ice my knees the fabric is so soft, making icing much more bearable.

Dylan P.
Los Angeles, CA