TOKENS are meant to be given to friends and loved ones to celebrate connection, offer support, celebrate special times and more. Each handmade, buttery-soft suede pouch contains a collection of small objects, "TOKENS," and a card that explains their significance. 

Choose from 6 themes: Empowerment, Friendship, Good Luck, Love, New Parent and Support

TOKENS are 100% guaranteed to bring smiles!

"I want you to know how many times I've looked at my TOKENS. They bring me so much love and make my heart smile. This is something that I treasure deeply and forever."  -Genette, New York, NY

“So, I've seen your posts about TOKENS and I have admired them, but today a friend gave me TOKENS of Support. It is a remarkable gift. I was diagnosed this week with breast cancer. I will be fine, it's just a lot to process.  But now I can't decide if I want to leave my bag of TOKENS next to my bed, or take it with me everywhere I go."  -Eva, Los Angeles, CA

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