Warm Me


Our handmade heated pillows are created with the finest velvets, softest flannels, and ultra-luxe faux furs. Not only do they provide all-natural pain relief and melt away stress, they also look fabulous. Microwave for 1-3 minutes and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how long the soothing heat lasts. (The secret ingredient is locally sourced whole corn.) Snuggle up on your couch with a WARM ME for the ultimate warm & cozy experience.


"I literally use my WARM ME multiple times a day. I love it!"  -Jen, Denver, CO

"I put my WARM ME under the covers before I get in bed. Then, I'll go brush my teeth and when I come back, the bed is warm and cozy. It's heavenly! -Richard, Tarzana, CA 

"A must have! The WARM ME! Muscle soreness/neckache and lower back pain disappear fast with my WARM ME. The moist heat and weight of it around my neck is heaven! Even just putting it in bed on a cold night, ahhhhh! I love it! -Penny, Los Angeles, CA 

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