Tokens of Support
Tokens of Support
Tokens of Support
Tokens of Support
Tokens of Support

Tokens of Support

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A Touch of Comfort in Every Token

The Tokens of Support collection offers solace and encouragement. These miniature tokens, handmade in the USA, easily fit into pockets or purses, providing a tangible reminder that someone cares and you are not alone.

Inside the 4" buttery-soft suede pouch is a set of tokens—tiny treasures that symbolize support and encouragement. 

  • Moon: A reminder that there is always light in the darkness.
  • Dumbbell: You are stronger than you think.
  • Tissues: Whether your tears are for laughing or crying.
  • Salt Water: Sweat, tears, or the sea can make everything a little better.
  • Teddy Bear: Provides comfort; everyone can use a cuddle.
  • Feather: Symbolizing the wings of an angel watching over you.
  • Chocolate: Because chocolate makes everything better.
  • Double-Sided Card: Explains the significance of each token.
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  • Great Gift For Any Occasion
  • Made With Heart & Soul in Los Angeles, CA

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  • Suede Pouch: 4”x4”x4”
  • Miniatures range in size: ½” - 2”



Tokens of Support is the best gift I've received and a daily reminder of encouragement Love them!

Tatiana S.
New York, NY

My husband asks me daily to put the heated Warm Me pillow on his lower back to alleviate his pain. We can't thank you enough

Linda and David
La Quinta, CA

As a soccer player, I use the warm me to ice my knees the fabric is so soft, making icing much more bearable.

Dylan P.
Los Angeles, CA