OLIVE U was born in 2000 with a line of baby clothing, and sold out at its very first event. Soon after, childrens & womens clothing were added making Olive U a coveted “must have” brand that was sold exclusively through the designer, Jennifer Hobaica. The success of OLIVE U’s first products were driven by three core elements: timeless design, the highest quality fabrics and a personalized customer experience. Fans of the coveted “Peace Collection” included Cindy Crawford, Lisa Rinna & Brooke Shields.

Fast forward to 2016 when OLIVE U introduced its first “Lifestyle” product, The WARM ME. Olive U took an already existing product and upgraded it to the highest quality with luxury fabrics. Finally, there was a heated pillow that looked as good as it made you feel! The “WARM ME” stands in a class of its own.

Launched for Holiday 2022, is OLIVE U’s newest product, TOKENS. The inspiration for TOKENS was born out of living through the pandemic. After being separated from family & friends, Jennifer realized there was no substitute for connection. The ultimate goal of TOKENS is to bring people together to celebrate connections and commemorate life events. TOKENS help us celebrate life in a fun & whimsical way and reminds us about what’s important.

OLIVE U’s continued success is attributed to staying true to its three core elements: creating timeless products, using the highest quality materials and providing a personalized customer experience.


OLIVE U’s Founder & Creative Director, Jennifer Hobaica, began her career as a Stylist & Costume Designer in the Entertainment Industry. After 10+ years and 2 children later, Jennifer realized that the hours in the entertainment industry were not conducive to being a “hands on” Mom. From her dining room table, Jennifer started OLIVE U, and attributes her entrepreneurial spirit to the idea that if she ran her own business she would never have to miss out on any part of her children’s lives. With unstoppable drive and determination, Jennifer laid the groundwork for what has stood the test of time, creating beautiful products that have become an integral part of her customer’s lives. Jennifer’s eye for style, attention to detail, and overall obsession with fabric & color is at the core of everything she creates. Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her husband and enjoys spending time with her 2 grown sons.

Photo credit: @cattellunfiltered